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Main Businesses

Nonmetallic Minerals & Products

The company has specialized in non-metallic minerals and products for nearly 30 years. Its products include graphite, mica, kaolin, talc, feldspar, barite, attapulgite clay, sulfur and starch

Metallic Minerals & Products

Mainly engaged in iron ore, nickel ore, chromium ore and other metal minerals and steel, ferronickel, ferrochrome, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other products

Energy & Chemical Products

Operating varieties include coal, coke, petroleum coke, biofuel and other varieties

Grain & Agricultural Products

Mainly engaged in chemical fertilizer, rubber, grain, leather, feed raw materials, cold chain food, etc. The company has established solid strategic cooperative relations with product suppliers and traders in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Turkey and other countries to meet China's huge demand for global high-quality food and agriculture resources and ensure the quality and safety of the domestic consumer market.

medical apparatus& instruments

Business varieties involve medical masks, protective clothing and syringes.

Machinery Products

DianHui Import and Export boasts the complete research, design and manufacturing system for  civilian purposes in the Chinese   Manufacturing industry. The business area involves the export of production lines such as  Gypsum powder,Gypsum board ,Glass magnesium board, Laminating machine,Mineral woll board, Main bone keel equipment and Screw equipment.

The company is committed to the operation of non-metallic minerals and products, metal minerals and products, energy and chemical products, food and agriculture products, building materials and machinery products, non-ferrous metals and other fields, give full play to the comprehensive service advantages of import and export, domestic trade and international trade, and provide customers with efficient trade and distribution services.

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